Build a Bridge

Bridge to GapIn normal times, it costs us around £19,000 a month to run the parish

Due to the Covid pandemic, we have lost around £4,500 of monthly revenues

We have cut costs, saving around £2,000 per month

The Diocese is giving us support equivalent to a 20% cut in our Parish ShareDonate

We are currently filling a gap of around £4,000 from our cash reserves

Gift DayOne of our traditional ways of raising funds, is our annual Gift Day.

We will be holding our Gift Day on 6th December 2020.

It looks like this will also be the first Sunday we can return to worship in St Peters.

Can you afford to make a gift to the Parish?

Could you donate the money you saved by not going to Parish events since March?

For those who kindly give through the Parish Giving Scheme or through standing orders, we Planned Givingwould like to thank you all for your continued generosity through this difficult period.

Could you increase your monthly gifts?

if you are in the financial position to be able to increase your donations by £10 or 10% per month, this would help every month going forward.

EnvelopesIf you donate through Gift Aid Envelopes, Weekly Envelopes or the collection plate, you will have found it difficult in lockdown.Donate

In response to parishioner questions on how they can continue to donate, we have placed a “donate” button on our website for you to use. Bequests

Over the longer term, would you consider setting up a bequest to the Parish in your will?