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Getting Married at St Peter’s or St Francis’ Church

Wedding PIcture

If you’ve just become engaged, congratulations! Preparing for a wedding is a busy but exciting time, and as you plan to make your vows to one another in God’s presence we want to help you make this special day as memorable as possible. There is some legal administration to deal with, but above all we want you to find your own love rooted in God’s unending love as you journey together with him.

If you live in Frimley Parish, or have a ‘qualifying’ connection with it, please contact the Parish Office, and the process will be explained to you. If you’ve been married previously, we understand that you have been through painful times. We cannot always promise to marry those whose previous spouse is still alive but we believe that God always offers a new beginning, so please come and talk with us further.

Marriages Blessed in Church

If you have chosen a civil wedding, you may consider having your marriage blessed in the church. Many people value the spiritual dimension of the marriage ceremony which a service of blessing can provide. There are no legal requirements for a blessing. The service can be simple and private or formal in the presence of your family and friends with many of the traditional ingredients.

Renewal of Vows

Sometimes people like to mark a special wedding anniversary with a chance to renew their marriage vows. If you would like to consider this please contact the Parish Office and one of the clergy will be delighted to discuss the possibilities with you.

Organising your wedding

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All initial enquiries should be directed to the Parish Office (01276 27855)