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Preparing for a wedding is a busy but exciting time, and as you plan to make your vows to one another in God’s presence,  we want to help you make this special day memorable.

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We’re always delighted to welcome candidates for Baptism – whatever their age-group into God’s family.

If you’ve recently had a new baby, congratulations!

Adult candidates for baptism are equally welcome – there’s no age-limit, and more grown-ups are being baptised every year.

Whichever of these applies to you, please ring the Parish office on 01276 27855.


You may be visiting this page as a result of the death of a loved one. We are sorry, and extend our sympathy and prayers to you in your loss. In preparing for a funeral, you will work with a Funeral Director.

If you wish to hold their funeral in one of our churches, or have the crematorium service conducted by one of our ministry team, the Funeral Director arranges all details with us.