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The Parish of Frimley takes Safeguarding very seriously. The content of the website changes regularly, but the links on our Home Page to our Parish Safeguarding Policy and to the Safeguarding Handbook are immovable. 

We regularly review how well we are living up to the standards we set for ourselves.  We also seek input from all interested parties on what we are getting right and – more importantly – what you think we could do better. 

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As part of the Church of England’s Past Case Review, which is looking into how previous instances of how safeguarding breaches have been handled, Bishop Andrew has requested every parish to ask their local community through website and newsletter if anyone is aware of any cases in the past which have involved members - and particularly officers - of our churches.

We are aware of one actual case from 30 years ago, which was dealt with at the time, and a much less clear cut situation from even further back. If you’re aware of any cases from the past, please could you let our Safeguarding Officer Clare, or Rector Stuart know as soon as possible, as we have to complete the return shortly

To express your views, please ring the Parish Office on 01276 27855

If you would prefer to set your views out in writing, please use this link

If you would be happier to contact someone outside the Parish, Jackie Broadfoot (the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor) can be found here

We guarantee confidentiality and respect for your views.

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Our Parish Safeguarding Policy Includes:

       A policy statement on the recruitment of ex-offenders

       All those responsible for working with children, young people and vulnerable adults on behalf of the church are safely recruited

       All church officers are aware of the safeguarding policy/guidance

       All church officers are trained appropriately for their roles

       Appropriate insurance covers all activities our Parish undertakes involving children, young people and adults.