MapSponsor FormThird World Vulnerability to Climate Change

Two WorldsClimate change affects average temperatures and rainfall. It also increases the incidence of extreme weather events – floods, droughts, heatwaves and storms.

In the first world, Climate Change threatens farmers’ standard of living. In the third world, it threatens lives.

In developing countries, Agriculture is the livelihood for between 50% - 90% of the population. Small farmers make the up the majority, between 70-95% of the total.

In 2015, about 2 billion people (around 25% of the world's population) were cultivating less than 2 hectares (5 acres) of land.

Farm Africa

Our selected charity - Farm Africa – has 200 staff embedded across eastern Africa.

They work with farmers from dry rangelands to lush, diverse forests.

Their situations vary, but small-scale farmers face increasing economic and environmental challenges. Click to see more

VISION – A resilient rural Africa where people and the environment thrive.

EXPERT: Expertise and evidence-based solutions are at the heart of everything they do.

GROUNDED: Working with local communities in every level of decision-making.

IMPACTFUL: Long-lasting change for farmers, families and the environment.

BOLD: Not afraid to challenge strategies that are failing.

By 2025

Farm Africa will work with one million smallholder farmers to increase productivity, incomes andDonate resilience to shocks.

Farm Africa will support at least 200 farmer groups and small businesses so these private sector partners can build sustainable supply chains.

Farm Africa will implement projects in all countries of operation, supporting the sustainable management of forests, rangelands and coastal ecosystems.