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Christian Aid Week 2021

This year, Christian Aid is dedicated to the impact of climate change on developing countries.  The climate crisis hurts us all, but people living in poverty around the world are disproportionately affected for a variety of reasons.

Frimley Parish is using the opportunity of Christian Aid’s focus to gain a better understanding ofDrought how the climate crisis is impacting communities in poverty by taking the example of Kenya and asking communities in that country how they are affected by the climate crisis and what measures they are taking to counteract the effects.

Kenya is dependent on agriculture as the second largest contributor to Kenya's gross domestic product (GDP) after the service sector. In 2019, agriculture, including forestry and fishing, accounted for 33% of GDP, as well as for 18% of wage employment and 50% of revenue from exports.  The country is susceptible to climate change on the economy and the wellbeing of the community and has experienced both drought and flood and a plague of locusts in the recent times.  The manufacturing sector is likely to be significantly affected as the use of cement and oil is curtailed.   

The campaign will develop insights over May and June by writing to specific agencies to elicit their experience of the impact of climate change on those in poverty and attitude to the situation.  The communities identified are those where we have current or previous contact and will add to insights to the challenges facing the community:

·       Kitale Churches (Diocese - Kenya - Kitale (

·    Compassion sponsoring Karen – the pupil that choir group is supporting in central Kenya.

·       Farm Africa charity. Farm Africa

·      Kenya Agricultural & Livestock Research Organization (Home | Kenya Agricultural & Livestock Research Organization (

We will publish the communication on the website as we receive them and situate our supportFarm AFrica and outward giving in terms of the need expressed in the responses we receive. Insights gained from the dialogue will show us how climate change is affecting the lives of those in the global south more generally. 

We can support Christian Aid through two events:

·       Quiz Night on the 8th May hosted by Christian Aid with celebrity hosts including Tobi and Prisca Bakare and contributions from Rhidian Brook, Rowan Williams, Kate Bottley and Kris Marshall.  Sign up for the Quiztian Aid event at Christian Aid Week Virtual events - Christian Aid on Saturday, 8th May at 7pm. 

·     Concert on the 9th June “Song of the Prophet”. Join Christian Aid virtually here on Wednesday 9 June to witness the debut performance of a new orchestral work Song of the Prophets: A Requiem for the Climate. There will be an address from Dr Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, and a panel discussion with climate campaigners.

Both events will be advertised through the website /Newsletter.  But you can also give through the Frimley Parish Donate button here.