Stuart's Thought for the Day 

Pause for Thought

These past few weeks it’s been so good to see many of you again. We knewVideos you were still there of course, and you knew we hadn’t disappeared. We’ve even caught up with each other on Zoom and various media. But it’s no substitute for being physically present with family or friends, especially when we’ve been through (and are still transiting) a time of great uncertainty and reassessment of what our calling as God’s people is about. Even though it changes as the flame flickers and the wax decreases our candle reminds of Jesus the Light for the World who never stops shining, so light it now and sit down for a while with your drink.

Waiting for God

Soon after saying this Jesus went up the mountain and disappeared among the clouds. They were straining to get a final glimpse of him, when two of God’s messengers came up to them. “Why are you people from Galilee looking up there? You’ve only lost sight of Jesus for a short while. He’ll come back the same way that he went, and he’ll still be the same Jesus!” So they went a short walk from the Mount of Olives back to Jerusalem and their upstairs room. All the friends were gathered there, and some of the women too, and they spent a lot of time praying together. (Acts 1:9-14)

At the start of lockdown I was wondering how we’d all cope with this dramatic change in our daily lives. How long till normal service would be resumed? 146 days since I wrote my first blog, we still don’t really know quite what the future will look like, although many of us are sure we don’t want to be deprived of each other’s company again. Our health might have been protected, but how important is it now to sit down together and talk about what’s been happening to us since March – and about how we think our future might look. 

I’m sure Jesus’ closest friends must have needed each other in the days after his death and resurrection. Their upstairs room must have been a hub of conversation and debate as they wondered what would happen to them next. At first their conversation was anxious and concerned. What would you have been asking if you’d been among them? What would your concerns have been? Now after Jesus’ ascension they’re talking again. What would you have wanted to talk about that evening? Would you have heard the angel saying, “Why are you looking back?” How would you have reacted to the promise that the same Jesus would return one day?

Whatever our concerns this is a time to look forward as we slowly exit lockdown and start to shape how the future of our Christian community will be. The early stages of the journey will feel unfamiliar and strange, but the promise is as true now as it was on that Ascension evening – the same Jesus will be with us to guide, direct and bless on our continuing journey.


Lord God, when the future seems uncertain,
and those around are filled with doubts,
open our ears to hear your words:
“Don’t look back, move on for the same Jesus
has promised to be with you for ever.”


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