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Representing the RAYC, Red Jacket, a Contessa 32 yacht, will take part in a sailing challenge from Gosport, Hampshire, to the Nab Tower in the English Channel to raise money for Farm Africa.

 Red JacketTaking part in the Gosport Charity Pursuit, Red Jacket, skippered by the owner and crewed by Farm Africa staff, will set off on Saturday, 10th June, from Gosport to navigate 25 nautical miles round the Nab Tower, with intense tacking and return to come alongside with rigging intact within six hours. 

Red Jacket, sponsored by Richard Clarke, the owner, is named after the fastest clipper ever built, capturing the trans-Atlantic record of 13 days on her first crossing from America in 1854.  She will be skippered by Craig Weston, and crewed by Matthew Sleap (Mate), Tom Maher, and Danny Everett (Farm Africa).

Please sponsor Matthew and the crew today to complete the expedition for a King’s Shilling or as much as £1 per nautical mile within the allocated six hours on

The money is used for sustainable farming, both arable and livestock, aquaculture and forestry, so the positive impact of your donation will be felt long into the future.

Farm Africa helps farmers grow more, sell more and sell for more. Farm Africa pioneers techniques that boosts harvests, builds rural incomes, sustains natural resources and helps Africa’s farmers feed Africa’s people in an enduring way. 

Look at their website at to see them in action.

If you donate £1 per nautical mile, Farm Africa can provide:

Pledge to support Farm Africa in the Gosport Charity Pursuit today!