We’re always delighted to welcome candidates for Baptism, whatever their age-group – it’s like welcoming a new arrival into God’s family! We want to welcome you as God does, because our vision is to ‘share our experience of God’s love’, caring and inclusive.

If you’ve recently had a new baby, congratulations! We hope you’re settling down with your new arrival, and are reading this because you’re thinking about having your child baptised (or ‘christened’ as it used to be known).

We encourage older children to take the initiative in seeking Baptism and make the promises for themselves, and adult candidates for baptism are equally welcome – there’s no age-limit, and more grown-ups are being baptised every year.


Whichever of these applies to you, please ring the Parish office on 01276 27855 and you’ll be put in contact with one of our pastoral team, who will visit you at home, and guide you through the process. If you live in another parish, that doesn’t mean we automatically say ‘No’ to your request – please ask for more details.

Please contact the parish office or come along to our 10am service at St Peter's and speak to one of the clergy afterwards.