We are on a  prayer journey from Ascension to Pentecost.

Hundreds of years ago, people wanted to pray in holy places, like the Holy Land where Jesus lived. MizmazeThe journeys to get there were called pilgrimages.

Not everybody could afford the time and money to go to the Holy Land, so special places sprang up nearer to home. Priests built a type of maze for people who could leave their villages. Mazes have lots of paths to the cenmtre and even paths that do not go anywhere to make it harder. 

Mizmazes are different. They have a long winding path to the centre, like the one path to goodness.


You can see our nearest Mizmaze, St. Catherine's hill in Winchester, on Google Earth. (Google Maps co-ord: 51.045662, -1.311743 (+51° 2' 44.38", -1° 18' 42.27".), 

They say monks had to follow the maze on their bare knees. People say that if you listen carefully you can sometimes hear their ghostly cries